DPG509 Advanced Digital Pressure Gauge

DPG509 Advanced Digital Pressure Gauge

OMEGA Engineering, INC. (United States) - Press Release: The DPG509 series is Omega’s newest series of digital pressure gauges. This next-generation product is designed with maximum functionality and usability in mind. Our DPG509 configurator has over 40,000 finished good possibilities because we know that you need a product as unique as your application. We’ve created a new, user-friendly interface with four clearly labeled buttons and a large 4-digit, backlit display. Full-scale accuracy as high as 0.08% is perfect for applications where accuracy is critical, and 0.25% accuracy is also available for those times when a reliable, easy-to-use gauge is most important. Configure a basic gauge with long-lasting battery power or choose an externally powered option to support a robust unit with voltage and/or current outputs. Another powerful feature is the data logging option. Log your important data as fast as four readings per second so that you don’t miss a thing. Data analysis is straightforward with an included SD card that is easily accessible for data retrieval. All options are built with an engineered thermoplastic housing with an IP65 rating for durability in harsh environments. A protective rubber boot is also an option for additional protection.

Configurable Menu Features:

Users have four different operation modes to select from. Normal mode displays the last pressure reading. Tare mode zeros the unit at an applied pressure. Minimum and maximum modes display the lowest and highest recorded pressure readings respectively. There are also additional settings that can be adjusted to best suit your process including the shut-off timer, sampling rate, range plotting, pressure units, and zero-point adjustment. With the advanced menu, additional features include custom units, dampening mode, password protection, and backlight adjustment. If the 15 engineering unit options don’t cover what you need, up to five custom pressure units can be programmed. Dampening mode filters the raw data into a smoother output. Password protection allows only authorized users to change DPG settings to help avoid accidental button presses and setting changes. Backlight adjustment provides five options to adjust how long the backlight remains on, from 10 seconds to always on to balance both visibility and battery life.

Additional DPG509 Customization:

Need additional features or modifications that you don’t see offered in our configurator? Just ask! We have a robust team of design engineers and application experts who can help tailor our DPG509 design to better meet your specific needs.

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