EPLAN Experience - Your Gateway to Greater Efficiency

EPLAN Experience - Your Gateway to Greater Efficiency
EPLAN Software & Services LLC (USA) – EPLAN Experience is suitable for existing or new customers in all industries that EPLAN is currently active. It is applicable to all companies, activities and locations, and can be implemented and tailored to meet specific requirements. EPLAN Experience is based heavily on feedback from EPLAN´s global customers throughout a variety of industries. "EPLAN Experience will help our customers meet the many challenges in controls engineering they are facing in today´s fast evolving world, such as growing complexity, big data, and new types of connectivity," says Thomas Michels, head of product management. All these - and other - challenges can be reduced to one common denominator: increased efficiency. This is exactly the objective of EPLAN Experience. "We help companies to do more with the same or fewer resources, to accelerate product development, and free product development resources for other value-added activities," adds Michels.


Highly modular:
EPLAN Experience is completely integrated with the existing EPLAN Platform. It is highly modular and it consists of eight Fields of Action. These actions are specific areas of operations that a company wishes to optimize and make more efficient:
  • IT Infrastructure involves integrating a customer´s EPLAN software into their IT infrastructure to ensure it is high-performing. It will lead to a problem-free and clear installation and updating process.
  • Platform Setup allows a customer to make an application-specific program configuration for an ideal working environment. It will help define and implement platform settings in the most optimal way.
  • Codes & Standards provides guidelines for settings and the use of device and master data. It will enable companies to comply with all the necessary global standards for documentation and production. This includes the new IEC 81346 standard.
  • Product Structure provides a clear method for structuring machines and systems. This will be through a clear product and technology structure and uses designation as the basis for the use of automation methods and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Design Methods - Selection and implementation of the most efficient design methods is a key to efficient engineering. Working alongside EPLAN experts, customers will be able to analyze, evaluate, define and implement their selected design methods that will reduce engineering efforts and project planning time.
  • Workflow evaluates and automates design processes step by step, by using a scripting API or an additional specific development. It will reduce errors, integrate data technology in processes and ensure consistency within engineering.
  • Process Integration integrates workflows into a customer´s processes. This is achieved by exploiting additional potential and adjacent processes to the construction process (PDM/ERP).
  • Project Management - To achieve productivity in the shortest possible time, EPLAN Experience provides a project plan based on standardized processes.
Initial focus:
The initial focus of the launch of EPLAN Experience in November 2014 is on the two Fields of Action called “Codes & Standards” and “Design Methods”. "One of the key priorities for engineering companies is to implement the new IEC 81346 standard in their engineering environment," explains Michels. "IEC 81346 forms the basis for the structuring of products, machines and plants - covering as many disciplines as possible and with consistent terminology. We are therefore already offering hands-ontraining seminars on Codes & Standards and Design Methods to help companies achieve smooth compliance with IEC 81346."

"EPLAN Experience will help our customers meet the many challenges in controls engineering they are facing in today's fast evolving world, such as growing complexity, big data, and new types of connectivity," says Thomas Michels, head of product management.

About EPLAN Software & Services:
EPLAN Software & Services develops engineering solutions, which accelerate the product development process. Interdisciplinary expert systems assure the highest degree of productivity and data integration. The solution provider develops customer-specific and tailor-made PDM and PLM concepts and provides comprehensive services such as customizing, consulting and training. Innovative development competence, a consistently practical approach, and international presence are the resulting success factors.

EPLAN is part of Rittal International and thus of the Friedhelm Loh Group with 11,500 employees worldwide and generated revenues of about 3 billion USD in 2011. EPLAN is therefore synonymous with continuity and investment security. Eight offices in North America and company presence in 50 countries support 40,000 customers with 100,000 installations worldwide. The corporate motto - 'Efficient Engineering' - underlines the proficiency of optimized, efficient processes, which keep companies competitive in the long term.

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