Fiber Optic Sensing – New White Paper from Fischer Connectors

Fiber Optic Sensing – New White Paper from Fischer Connectors
Fischer Connectors SA (Switzerland) - On the occasion of the launch of its new single fiber optic connector (FO1) within its Fischer FiberOptic Series, Fischer Connectors published a new white paper.

Entitled “Fiber optic sensing” and authored by Jacques Miéville, Engineering Project Leader at Fischer Connectors, it provides an overview of the technical basics behind sensing over fiber technologies, its main applications and the cabling solutions involved. The main purpose of this white paper is to discuss the key factors that will help you define the best solution for your cabling needs, in order to have the most reliable and easy-to-maintain system that reduces your maintenance operations.

Fiber optic is mostly known for being the ideal solution to carry large amounts of data over long distances. However, fiber optics can also be used to gather information about the environment. The physical properties of light into the fiber can be affected by strain, temperature, or sound. Several technologies enable either local measurement points or distributed measurement all along the fiber. These technologies rely on the wave properties and quantum interactions of light with the fiber optic core matter. We distinguish here two types of sensing: local measurement points and distributed sensing.

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