From Fiction To Reality - Robots With a Sense of Touch

From Fiction To Reality - Robots With a Sense of Touch

On November 21, 2016

SynTouch, LLC (Mexico) - SynTouch ® the world authority on quantifying touch, and the provider of a tactile measurement system that mimics and exceeds human perception, presents on Tactile Sensing for Manipulation: New Progress and Challenges for Robots at the 2016 Humanoids conference in Cancun, Mexico. The workshop showcased dexterous humanoid robots developed by the leading international researchers. The session was kicked-off by Dr. Gerald Loeb, SynTouch CEO and University of Southern California Professor.

SynTouch CEO Dr. Gerald Loeb explained the importance of innovative companies and university laboratories working together. “We invented the BioTac sensors in my lab, but we also founded a company to produce them.” According to Loeb, the work has helped accelerate progress in the field. “We’re proud to have been able to give researchers the finger,” he said speaking with mirth about the BioTac, “but much more impressed to see what they’ve accomplished with it."

SynTouch may have provided the tactile sensor, but it’s the researchers gathered who are giving robots the sense of touch. “They have enabled multi-finger dexterity, stabilized grasping of flexible contoured objects, and are providing awareness of objects needed to interact with the unstructured areas that humans call ‘home’," said Loeb.

Meanwhile, SynTouch has focused its development effort on the SynTouch Standard - a system for objectively measuring what humans feel when touching objects. This capability is now available via SynTouch’s scientific instruments and testing services which are used by leading manufacturers of automobiles, consumer electronics, apparel and personal care products.

About SynTouch:
SynTouch LLC developed and makes the only sensor technology in the world that endows robots with the ability to replicate - and sometimes exceed - the human sense of touch. Its lead product - the BioTac - mimics the physical properties and sensory capabilities of the human fingertip. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Los Angeles, SynTouch provides Machine Touch® - complete tactile sensing solutions for industrial, medical and military applications.

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