Fulling 45BLW – The New BLDC Flat Motor

Fulling 45BLW – The New BLDC Flat Motor
Delta Line SA (Switzerland) - The new BLDC flat motors from Fulling are the ideal solution for many applications due to their compact, flat design (45 mm diameter; length < 30 mm). In the new 45BLW motors (16 poles design), the permanent magnets are located on the external rotor which rotate around the internal stator with the windings.

In addition to the shorter design, the advantage of this construction compared to internal rotor motors comes from having the same output with lower torque ripple due to the rotor‘s higher moment of inertia. The motors can be produced according to customer-specific requirements for voltages from 12-48 V and a power of 25-80 watts, with and without hall sensors.

Typical application varies from pumps, respiratory care devices, robots, barcode scanner.

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