Intelligent Appliance's New approach to Wiring Industrial Relay Controllers

Intelligent Appliance's New approach to Wiring Industrial Relay Controllers

Intelligent Appliance (Israel) – "Intelligent Appliance’s IA-3172-U2i-P is a 64-relay controller which can handle up to 7Amp@277VAC per channel. In designing this controller, we took under consideration a long lasting, annoying issue, and created an easy-to-wire, user-friendly relay board solution", explained the company.

A new approach to wiring:
Wiring a relay board, is a complicated, time-consuming task. The IA-3172-U2i-P introduces a new way to tackle this issue featuring both a new wiring design and Pluggable Terminal Blocks.

The wiring in the IA-3172-U2i-P is designed in groups of 8 relays, each group features a joined common conductor. This innovative approach to the wiring issue results in reducing the number of wires needed for the talk in half – from 128 wires for each 64-relay board to only 64. This reduction has an impact on cost in both materials and time invested in the task.

Pluggable Terminal Blocks, also available in a Screw-Less version, makes the task even simpler and less time consuming both during initial installation and during maintenance or board replacement.

Extendable and compact:

When the need to handle heavy loads arises and more than one board is needed, the IA-3172- U2i-P can be chained, enabling the operation of thousands of relays using a single communication channel – no need to wire each board to the hosting PC. "Due to this new wiring design, the IA-3172-U2i-P has a very compact design, making it the ideal candidate in tight fits. Using the IA-3172-U2i-P is a space saver when considered against other relay boards found in the market today", added the company.

Relay contact protection:

In order to assure a longer lifetime for this board, and prevent EMI-RFI noise, the IA-3172-U2i-P features voltage suppressors for each relay, keeping the switching voltage to working level in order to avoid transient voltage damage to the relay in inductive load cases.

Unbussed version:
In case the bussed relay does not fit the specific application, there is the IA-3171-U2i-P, in which each relay is independently wired.

This smart 64-relay board is suitable for a wide verity of IoT applications such as smart building control, automated testing systems (ATS), machinery control, production floor control, light boards control and many more.


  • 64-ch Relay Board
  • 7Amp @ 277VAC per Channel
  • Short & Easy Group Wiring
  • Removable Connectors, Included
  • Built in Buffered Local Expansion
  • Thousands of Relays may be operated by a single communication port
  • Synchronized Multi-Board operation
  • Built-in Second Watchdog for system protection
  • Isolated USB port for best Host Isolation
  • Up to BR 230400 for fast communication
  • Series-3000 Software Compatibility
  • DIN-Rail mounting ready

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