Interface Solution - Veterinary Weighing Scales

Interface Solution - Veterinary Weighing Scales

Interface, Inc. (United States) - A veterinarian would like two different sized weighing scales for their pet patients they need to weigh.

Customer Need / Challenge:

A veterinarian wants two weighing scales for their patients pets. They would like a large weighing scale for large pet animals, and a smaller weighing scale for smaller pet animals.

Interface Solution:

Interface suggests using two different solutions. For the smaller scale, Interface’s SPI Low Capacity Platform Scale Load Cell would be perfect for smaller, and lighter animals. As for the larger scale, the INFRD Platform Scale with pre-installed load beams would work best. Both scales will need the 480 Bidirectional Weight Indicators to display the total weight of the animals being weighed.


The veterinarian was able to easily and accurately weigh both large and small pets with both scales.


  • Larger Scale: INFRD Platform Scale
  • Smaller Scale: SPI Low Capacity Platform Scale Load Cell
  • (2) 480 Bidirectional Weight Indicators

How it Works:

  • Larger Scale: Using the INFRD Platform Scale. There are multiple load cells and a JB104SS Junction Box, which shows the total weight of the load beams, already pre-installed within the platform. The total weight of the pet is displayed on the 480 Bidirectional Weight Indicator.
  • Smaller Scale: An SPI Low Capacity Platform Scale Load Cell is installed under a smaller metal plate. A junction box is not needed for the smaller scale, and can be directly connected and displayed to an additional the 480 Bidirectional Weight Indicator.

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