Leine & Linde’s ADS Online Upgrade Unit – Upgrade your encoders with diagnostics

Leine & Linde’s ADS Online Upgrade Unit – Upgrade your encoders with diagnostics

Leine & Linde AB (Sweden) – Are you responsible for the maintenance of a paper machine and that it is not subject to unforeseen standstills? Do you want to know the remaining lifetime of your encoders?

Now you have the possibility to upgrade your existing encoders with diagnostic functionality. ADS online upgrade unit can be mounted on encoders that have been running for several years and diagnose their current performance. In this way you can get an overview of the maintenance need of your plant.

Leine & Linde offers since a couple of years back the diagnostic system ADS online in order to determine the remaining lifetime of each installed encoder. New this year is the ADS upgrade unit, which can be bought as a separate module and installed at a later stage on an already running encoder in the 800 series. ADS online gives an overview of the service need of the encoders in the machine, so the maintenance can be planned well in time to avoid a standstill.

In an ideal installation the 800 series encoders has a documented lifetime of over ten years. But it is not easy to predict the lifetime of each unique unit, as it is affected of a number of operational and environmental factors that could differ between each installation – for example the alignment and speed of the motor shaft as well as environmental factors like temperature and vibration. An encoder which has been subject to extra heavy stress should maybe be changed right away, while another which has served under good conditions might be used in numbers of additional years.

ADS online monitors a number of parameters that are fundamental for the encoder function. The diagnostic system checks among other things that the pulses have the correct voltage level and that they alternate between high and low according to the expected pattern. It monitors so the correct number of pulses are present each revolution and that the optics performs within defined levels for current and brightness. By monitoring the trend of the inner components performance it is possible in an early stage to detect ware, and give a signal for recommended change of encoder well in time before a failure occurs.

It requires a good knowledge of an encoder’s internal structure in order to draw conclusions about how the detected deviations affect the function. With ADS online the analysis is made automatically and if any component begins to wear out a signal is sent to tell that the encoder needs to be replaced.

With ADS online the service is not needed in preventive purpose, it is only needed when really necessary. Thanks to the overview of each encoder’s status you can avoid unwelcome surprises. Reliability is the key – to be able to trust that the installed encoders are in the best condition.

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