M5 We've Shipped! You Ready?

M5 We've Shipped! You Ready?

AnkerMake (United States) - Press Release: Hey Kickstarter backer.

We're back! We had a great week off for the holiday in China, and we've got some exciting news about M5.

Shipping Updates:

8,294 Printers On Their Way:

As of last week, 8,294 M5s are on their way to you right now. We're also continuing production with more than 10,000 M5s produced, meeting our expectations.

So here's what to expect next. Your M5 will arrive at your local warehouse, and you will receive a tracking number once your package is shipped out of that local warehouse. After that, it's only a matter of time before M5 is at your door!

UK Shipping Safeguards:

Your opinion was pretty overwhelming about our UK logistics supplier. So, our team made changes. We contacted Hermes and negotiated a signature service for each package to better ensure their safe arrival. And we're adding that extra service free of charge for peace of mind.

Filament Reminders:

Just a reminder that your add-on packages will ship separately from your M5 order. We're still producing the 3- and 5-filament packs and plan to ship them in November. They should arrive at your door around January. For 6-filament packs, they should arrive around May, the same time as V6 Color Engine.

Where's Your M5?

I think I see mine here. Can you spot yours?

We've also added an outer box to better protect your M5 package on its way to your door!

M5 Progress:


  1. AI Accuracy Display: We've added a new feature to show how accurate the AI recognition will be. The AI analyzes the lighting and color to determine the likelihood of an error and displays it as a percentage.
  2. Printing Tips: We want to make sure your prints are always looking the best they can, so we've added some pop-up suggestions to keep your printer in excellent shape, such as PEI plate and leveling notifications.


Bug Fixes:

  1. The account button now responds when clicked.
  2. Registered accounts can now log in. You can also reset your password without issues. We are still addressing some special cases.
  3. Stopped errors and crashes from occurring when opening OBJ files.
  4. Optimized the login interface to reduce sluggishness and improve performance.


  1. Printer Status Synchronized: You'll see your printer status synced to the AnkerMake Slicer and AnkerMake App, ensuring you can see the current status clearly from any device.
  2. Wi-Fi Reconnect Button: If there's a disconnection, you can now easily click the Reconnect button to keep printing as smooth as possible.
  3. Video Quality Improved: For clearer images, use the camera sharpening effect.
  4. Font Packages Updated: The multi-language font pack has been updated to now support more Chinese and Japanese characters.

Bug Updates:

  1. We are still addressing an error where large files fail to print remotely from Windows computers.
  2. The AnkerMake App will no longer restart if files are taking too long to load.
  3. If the power goes off, prints will now resume once power is restored.
  4. The temperature will no longer drop when preheating.
  5. Optimized the display of Japanese fonts.
  6. Corrected overexposed and dark images in Night Vision mode.

Print with Multiple Materials:

We hear you! You want to print with more than just PLA. And you can do just that with AnkerMake M5. Here's what we printed with AnkerMake PETG, ABS, and TPU filaments.


PETG prints have translucent and smooth surfaces, which are also water-resistant and chemical-resistant. You can always reduce the printing speed for a more translucent effect.


ABS prints strong engineering parts with strong toughness and impact resistance. It also doesn't smell, has low shrinkage, and is easy to shape.


TPU is the perfect material for elastic polymer parts, which have good flexibility and resilience.

That's All For Now:

We're going to head back to the factory and make sure that everything's smooth sailing for the rest of production. In the meantime, let us know what you'll print first with AnkerMake M5. We can't wait to see your creativity shine!

The AnkerMake Team

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