MBS Building & Landscape Supplies

MBS Building & Landscape Supplies

Aurora Process Solutions (Australia) - Automated Infeed, Bagging & Palletizing Line.


  • Bulk Infeed Hopper
  • AFO-B10 Belt Packer
  • ACS-L10 Sewing System
  • Kicker & Flattener
  • EC-102 Fuji Robotic Palletiser

“Aurora’s new packaging line has allowed our business to grow. And more importantly, we’re providing another level of quality service to our valued customers. Aurora was a pleasure to deal with, they are a great company to work with and have got many years of experience in the packaging game”

“This machine made a huge difference for output. Its made my work so much more efficient and quicker. I did have to do a a lot of this by hand before, so it has definitely made my life a lot easier”

“The machine is a almost tripled our output. About an extra 30-40 pallets more than what we were doing before. If a customer puts in an order in the morning for the afternoon, I can get it done in less than an hour”.

“Aurora were very easy to deal with and with their pretty much 24/7 support team I didn’t have any issues at all”

“We highly recommend Aurora, as we’ve built a trust worthy relationship which I value for not just today but for the future. They work alongside us and proactively communicate and they are super reliable”

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