Mini Motor’s New MINIACTION - the Drive that plays for three

Mini Motor’s New MINIACTION - the Drive that plays for three

Mini Motor s.r.l. (Italy) - Mini Motor replaces its range of Mininvert converters and digital drives Drivert 300 and Drivert 1000 with new Miniaction drive.

MINIACTION is the new drive that completes Mini Motor 2014 catalogue.

After engineering innovative products such as DBS, brushless motor featuring integrated drive, the new MINIACTION drive will certainly give asynchronous and brushless geared motors a new leaf of live.

MINIACTION, one single drive instead of three, enables to control both brushless and asynchronous motors up to 0,75 kW power, by activating both resolver and encoder and regulating revolutions, position and torque.

MINIACTION meets precise logistic strategy:
One single highly reliable and compact drive for every electrical motor will enable Mini Motor to store large quantities of this product in its warehouses all over the world, and therefore to have it always in stock.

While reducing management and logistics costs, MINIACTION will be available in the market at a very competitive cost.

MINIACTION 300/inverter/drive, top-of-the-range performances:

  • Closed loop speed control
  • Position control
  • Torque limit
  • 127 recordable motion profile
  • 17 digital inputs and 5 outputs
  • 2 inputs and 1 analog output
  • Line driver input for incremental encoder
  • Resolver input
  • 25V output for static brake command
  • Output for outside braking resistor connection
  • EMC integrated filter (C3 industrial environment)
  • Keypad with removable display (option)
  • RTU modbus

The heart of the power section is a smart IGBT module (IPM) that integrated all necessary protection in order to make MINIACTION totally reliable and extremely efficient while reducing external equipment.

Control logic consists of 32-bit microcontrollers, provided with target instructions for any speed and therefore built to grant utmost precision in motor control.

MINIACTION, the drive that is fully made in Italy Mini Motor’s mission has always been producing in Italy and supplying necessary items within 30 Km, thus granting delivery nearly “just in time”, also in case of small orders, with the possibility of having a customized products upon Mini Motor’s customers’ requirements.

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