MPI Case Study: How MPI Solved a Plant Production Bottleneck for Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

MPI Case Study: How MPI Solved a Plant Production Bottleneck for Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Magnetic Products, Inc. (United States) - Many metal forming manufacturing companies are plagued with weekly downtime due to scrap handling equipment. MPI solved a Tier 1 Automotive supplier scrap metal challenge by installing 450 feet of underground conveying equipment. Metal is transferred reliably and quietly via the smooth, low frequency horizontal motion-sealed pans. The new conveyor system removes scrap from 13 presses into a distribution system at rates up to 15,000 lbs./hr.

Transferring scrap metal is commonly done with steel belt conveyors. MPI electric scrap shaker conveyors solve issues common to steel belts. Scrap metal frequently gets caught in the steel belt creating jams. If the jam does not stop the conveyor, it may drag the scrap underneath the conveyor, resulting in more unplanned maintenance and downtime.

MPI shakers deliver:

  1. Slashed Maintenance Costs – MPI shakers reliable design removes metal on metal contact points in the conveyor system which reduces the wear surfaces
  2. Avoid Unplanned Downtime – A single sealed pan is used to eliminate potential jams so material transfers reliably through the plant and scrap does not accumulate or bounce off the pan
  3. Safer Operation – The industrial shaker system is safer to work around because pinch points eliminated

MPI offers a full line of electric shakers to transfer metal scrap. MPI installed the M-1000 Electric Scrap Shaker Conveyor series for this Tier 1 Automotive supplier’s project. Evaluate the MPI shaker conveyor series to match your application.

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