New CIP Safety Gateway over EtherNet/IP from Bihl+Wiedemann

New CIP Safety Gateway over EtherNet/IP from Bihl+Wiedemann
Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH (Germany) - The new CIP Safety Gateway (BWU2742) from Bihl+Wiedemann exchanges with a GuardLogix® Safety PLC from Rockwell Automation both standard I/Os and safe I/Os.

In general the safety program runs in the respective safety PLC. Optionally, a safety program in the Gateway can also monitor system parts without the safety PLC.

The new CIP Safety Gateway in detail:
  • CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP for 2 AS-i networks
  • Up to 62 safe I/Os over AS-i
  • Additionally 12 terminals on the integrated Safety Monitor freely configurable, e.g.: as 6 safe outputs plus 3 safe two-channel inputs; as 6 safe two-channel inputs; as standard I/Os; as any combination of thereof
  • Version "1 Gateway,1 Power Supply for 2 AS-i networks"
  • Enhanced diagnostics capability, such as duplicate address recognition, integrated earth fault and EMC monitor
  • Ethernet diagnostic interface
  • Chip card for easy device exchange

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