KUKA's New Conveyor Technology for Safe Transport of Car Bodies

KUKA's New Conveyor Technology for Safe Transport of Car Bodies

KUKA (Germany) - KUKA presents new possibilities for the safe transport of car bodies in the automotive industry with KUKA BOLT and KUKA PULSE.

The development of many new joining processes and other assembly technologies required by car manufacturers to improve their business operations enable KUKA to stand out from the competition. One challenge is the safe transport of car bodies in the automotive plant. Automotive manufacturers must be able to move large car bodies from A to B. This is why they need to be able to use KUKA technology to improve their business operations. This requires conveyor technology that is robust, yet fast and flexible.

KUKA has developed two technologies for this purpose:

KUKA BOLT: overhead linear conveyor system:

KUKA BOLT is an overhead linear conveyor system in sharp contrast to conventional “over under” conveyance configurations. “Linear motor technology makes the KUKA BOLT a very smart system,” said Kevin Laurence, director, KUKA advanced technology group. “Since position sensors are embedded into the motor, you know exactly where each carrier and each part is at all times.”

The KUKA BOLT includes an extruded aluminum track, solid-state QuickStick linear motor technology, zero-maintenance carriers – plus roller cluster wheel assemblies. Regardless of industry, the modular, pre-engineered design allows customers to easily add more track sections or change the track configuration to fit a different application. “It is an ideal choice for a wide range of scenarios,” Laurence said.

KUKA PULSE: linear conveyor system:

KUKA PULSE is a linear conveyor system that reduces compared to conventional roller-bed and trolley systems the number of unique components from 200 to 14. And instead of multiple parts and wiring diagrams, the company has essentially one standard version. KUKA PULSE system uses a standard servo drive that makes the product even more accessible to integrators throughout the industry. Moreover the performance gains are impressive. With the new approach to power supplies, KUKA no longer needs transformers to accommodate incoming voltage variations.

"The new generation of KUKA PULSE is twice as fast, uses less power, has greater MTBF and lower MTTR – and is much more flexible than friction-based conveyance systems." - Kevin Laurence, Director Advanced Technology Group, KUKA in North America.


Image 2 Caption:

KUKA BOLT is an overhead linear conveyor system.

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KUKA PULSE is a linear conveyor system.

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