New DRVL Rotary Torque Transducer from Applied Measurements promises Enhanced Compatibility

New DRVL Rotary Torque Transducer from Applied Measurements promises Enhanced Compatibility
Applied Measurements Ltd. (UK) – New DRVL Rotary Torque Transducer Guarantees Greater Compatibility and a Larger Speed Range.

New Features:
  • Improved Over-Voltage Prevention – Higher Supply Voltage Range
  • Increased Compatibility – 2 Standard Signals 10V and 10kHz ± 5kHz
  • Processor-Based – No Potentiometer Adjustment
  • Greater Speed Range
  • PLC Compatible for Better Evaluation
  • Improved Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • High Accuracy to 0.1% (0.05% Optional)
  • Compatible with Existing DRFL for Easy Integration
  • Cheaper to Buy

What Makes Brushless Great?
"Our brushless torque transducer range transmits signal and power using non-contact technology. This means they can operate with absolutely no maintenance, no wear and at higher speeds, saving you precious time and money", explained the company.

Why Buy The New DRVL Rotary Torque Transducer?
  • Greater Compatibility with 2 Output Signals - Thanks to the DRVL rotary torque transducer’s integrated signal amplifier it can now output 2 standard signals (10V and 10kHz ± 5kHz) giving you greater compatibility to a variety of evaluation devices for extensive analysis. Plus, the output level for speed and angle signal can now be adjusted from 5V up to 24V making it directly compatible with a PLC acquisition unit, delivering superior logging and evaluation control. The DRVL rotary torque transducer is also directly compatible with the existing DRFL series, making installation of the improved DRVL fast and straight forward
  • Optimum Performance Guaranteed - Accuracy is promised to 0.1% as standard with the new DRVL with an optional 0.05% accuracy for those higher precision measurements. We can also provide customised couplings and keyways to guarantee optimum performance and faster installation
  • Greater Speed Range - The DRVL rotary torque transducer has an improved speed range for speed and angle measurements. Its increased speed range combined with its compact size, makes it ideal for lab and industrial applications
  • Larger Input Voltage Range - It has an increased supply voltage range from 10V – 28.8V promising greater protection against accidental overvoltage, decreasing any potential repair costs
  • Improved Electromagnetic Interference Protection - The DRVL rotary torque transducer also comes with extended surge tests to ensure better electromagnetic compatibility protecting the sensor from unwanted electromagnetic interference and damage

The DRVL rotary torque transducer is available to buy from Applied Measurements Ltd. now starting at £2291 (exc. VAT) for delivery within 4 weeks. Customised couplings and keyways are available.

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