New High-Power Bar Lights from di-soric

New High-Power Bar Lights from di-soric
di-soric GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) - di-soric’s brand new and ultra-bright bar lights offer a huge luminous power in a modular housing. Those bar lights are available in 100 mm and 300 mm length and the regular version offers the light colors red, white, infrared, blue and green. The flashable version offers the light colors red, white and infrared.

The housing with cable connector on the back side (Pigtail with M12 connector with the regular version, flying leads with the flashable version for an operation on a flash controller) can be combined with a connecting set, available as an option, enabling a quick and easy mounting of complete high power light fields.

The standard aluminum housing in IP67 as well as the scratch-proof protection screen ensure the industrial usage even in harsh environmental conditions. The usage of high power LEDs enables a homogenous and an utmost powerful illumination in applications, also over a larger operating distance. This way, the regular 300 mm lighting reaches 27.000 lux with a distance of 0,5 m and white light color, the flashable 100 mm lighting even reaches 1.200.000 lux with a distance of 0,1 m and white light color on 800 %.

Optional accessories are diffusors, polarization filters as well as connecting sets for cascading.

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