New Metal Detection System from Fortress Technology

New Metal Detection System from Fortress Technology
Fortress Technology Inc. (Canada) - Metal detection innovation on a roll.

Catering to the textiles and paper markets, Fortress Technology has developed a highly innovative modular metal detection system. Designed to inspect wide products that are rolled or sheeted, such as fabrics, carpets or paper, the company’s latest Stealth modular version is uniquely divided into ‘Multiscan’ sections to assist operatives in retrieving any metal contaminants.

Explaining the rationale for inspecting textiles and paper, Fortress Technology’s European Sales Director Phil Brown says: “Metal detection is very much about quality assurance and is now an integral part of the textile and apparel production process. For garment and fabric manufacturers, metal detectors may look for broken needle fragments or other ferrous contaminants that could damage expensive textile cutting and processing machinery.”

In carpet manufacturing, large shearing machines are used to trim and create a uniformed pile height. These razor-like blades are extremely expensive to replace, as they are the width of the carpet, usually four metres or more. If a metal pin is protruding from the carpet during this trimming process, you risk damaging the shearing blade. Even the smallest nick in the blade can create a groove running through the entire carpet roll, making it defective. In addition to being expensive to replace, few carpet manufacturers hold these blades in stock resulting in extensive machine downtime while waiting for a replacement.

Roll metal detectors are also increasingly commonplace in the lumber, pulp and paper industries, inspecting for tramp metal, predominantly iron, which tends to be introduced through either contaminated wood chips or other wood products entering the plant. “In secondary mills that recycle wastepaper, removing smaller metal fragments, such as staples and paperclips, is equally vital,” emphasises Phil. “The reason is a lot of recycled pulp paper can used by the electronic sector in components, such as microchips.”

Equally, large paper manufacturers use this system to ensure metal fragments don’t damage machinery that cuts the wider rolls into smaller, more conveniently sized rolls. Like other textile products, wallpaper manufacturers might use this system to ensure metal fragments don’t damage pattern continuity and to ensure quality finishes are not compromised.

The revolutionary modular surface metal detector system from Fortress marks another ‘blue sky’ moment for the company, enabling the detection of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants as small as 1mm in size for roll/web applications. Designed with a quick connect function, using a unique rail system, each module can be independently placed, repositioned, removed and replaced, even while a web is present. What’s more, the sensitivity for each module can be adjusted, with each featuring its own reject output.

Detector modules, along with the rail mount system, are custom built to suit each application. This means that the overall width of each system is unrestricted. The use of a rail mount system also counteracts vibration caused by plant machinery, which can affect metal detection sensitivity.

Manufactured to suit high temperature, high humidity environments, and high speed processes makes this versatile and robust system an ideal solution for paper and textile manufacturers.

This Stealth system uses digital signal processing technology to achieve enhanced metal detection sensitivity. As with all Fortress metal detectors, the Stealth Modular Metal Detector can be upgraded with the latest technology, meeting the company’s valued Never Obsolete commitment. Parts and service are available for the lifetime of the detector. As well as textiles, paper and carpet applications, the modular system is ideal for inspecting non-woven fabrics used in home furnishings, by the automotive sector and in packaging, in addition to board, plastics, rubber and sheeted wood.

Paper and textile manufacturers use roll metal detectors to ensure metal fragments don’t damage machinery.

The ‘multiscan’ sections of the Fortress Stealth Modular Surface Metal Detector can be independently placed, repositioned, removed and replaced, even while a web is present.

Detector modules, along with the rail mount system, are custom built to suit each application so any width can be catered for.

Even a small nick to a shearing blade caused by a metal pin can result in a defective carpet and cause considerable machine downtime.

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