Open the Door to a Better IoT Connectivity of Machines: NexAIoT NISE105-CNC Gateway

Open the Door to a Better IoT Connectivity of Machines: NexAIoT NISE105-CNC Gateway

NEXCOM International (Taiwan) - Effective CNC comes down to more than just numbers as diversity, reliability, and ease of implementation all feature prominently in the total solution our NISE105-CNC Gateway brings to the fore.

Works Immediately with Leading CNC Machines:

To begin with, we crafted the NISE105-CNC Gateway to provide smooth interoperability and auto-detect with CNC units from Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, and Siemens through pre-configuration at our assembly line. That means no time-sapping installation or setup hassles as configuration is truly a breeze. Because the NISE105-CNC Gateway was developed from the ground up to work natively with leading models, additional functions become available, including real time machine data collection, coordinate offsets, tool positioning, and event alarms. All of those serve to elevate your CNC environment to a new level, with the NISE105-CNC Gateway at the center of things, providing confidence and peace of mind.

Connections and Easy Mix and Match:

Using reliable, proven, and industry standard TCP/IP connectivity, the NISE105-CNC Gateway works with up to ten CNC controllers. To aid in industrial process flexibility, you can mix controllers from different makes and models without suffering a performance penalty or incurring system errors. Everything happens via a single CNC gateway – a big difference from having to link with several gateways and face complicated topologies that hamper productivity.

NexAIoT Studio Software Suite Complements Streamlined Hardware:

While the NISE105-CNC Gateway strives for a simple but capable design on the hardware level, you get a complete software package with every purchase. Enjoy a user-friendly interface via NexAIoT IoT studio to connect with databases, SCADA setups, MQTT, and MySQL data tracking and process supervision. Perform maintenance, keep a close eye on unit status, all-important spindle loads, monitor alarms, and attach IoT gateways. With the NISE105-CNC Gateway you don’t just get a box, you buy into a full ecosystem of efficiency and information, including a cloud application to save and reference data.

Always on Top of Things:

The NISE105-CNC Gateway offers a plug and play way for controlling CNC machines with layers of metadata to bring your processes into the IIoT and IoM phases of Industry 4.0. Because NexAIoT places a strong emphasis on scalability, the NISE105-CNC Gateway comes in  two options, the first version able to connect up to five CNC controllers and the other capable of connecting up to ten CNC controllers. 

When One Becomes Many:

The unassuming NISE105-CNC Gateway has been purpose-designed for a wide range of CNC installations and processes. Like all NEXCOM and NexAIoT products, the system helps users through smart, efficient, approachable management and a wealth of additional resources to provide a deeper insight into the workings of CNC.

Main Features:

  • Plug-and-play CNC gateway to integrate controllers to the industrial internet of machines
  • Support one-click connection to mainstream CNC controllers such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heindenhain, Siemens
  • Collect important machine information including position, coordinate offsets, alarm etc.
  • Connecting max. 10 CNC controllers via TCP/IP
  • Connect to on-demand combination of controllers with one CNC gateway
  • Transfer data to iAT2000 SCADA or MySQL/SQLite database
  • Provide dashboard interface to monitor machine status


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