ProSoft Releases NET-ENI Replacement for Rockwell Automation® Users

ProSoft Releases NET-ENI Replacement for Rockwell Automation® Users
ProSoft Technology, Inc. (USA) – Press Release: New DF1 Modules Also Enable Streamlined Modernizations.

With Rockwell Automation® discontinuing its 1761-NET-ENI solution – which helped users connect their newer EtherNet/IP™ equipment to their legacy Allen-Bradley® controller – some end users are wondering what’s next: How can they connect to their DF1 devices?

ProSoft Technology’s new DF1 routing module can be used as a NET-ENI replacement, and joins ProSoft’s slate of modernization solutions. The module can be used similarly to Rockwell Automation’s solution. In addition to allowing seamless communication between the user’s new and legacy PLC, SCADA, and DCS systems, the routing module allows users to add an EtherNet/IP-based PanelView™ Plus to their existing DF1 network. It also allows for remote programming of existing DF1 PLCs.

Also available for DF1 modernization applications is the new messaging module. As the protocol’s utilization declines in newer controllers, the need to modernize grows. The messaging module allows users to begin a phased modernization using their existing leased line modem infrastructure. This approach provides a lower-risk option that’s especially suited for wide-ranging applications.


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