Quantifying Touch: changing how the Automotive Industry defines feel

Quantifying Touch: changing how the Automotive Industry defines feel
SynTouch, LLC (USA) - The world authority on quantifying touch and the provider of a tactile measurement system that mimics and exceeds human perception – is changing the way the automotive industry designs cars and trucks.

No automobile would enter production without precise measurements defining its look and color, but for how it feels? The haptics of automotive interiors were previously defined using subjective adjectives, physical samples of interiors sent for approval (or rejection) and quality control measurements that didn’t capture the essence of what humans feel.

SynTouch improved that process.

The SynTouch Standard® consists of an instrument to measure the fifteen dimensions of human touch including aspects of texture, friction, thermal, compliance and adhesion.

Designers using our measurements rest assured that their preferred feel for a material is specified for production engineers. Then suppliers and buyers use these measurements to provide materials that meet the designers’ needs.

Increasingly, car interiors are where automakers establish their unique brand, define the driver experience and create sensations of luxury, dependability, exoticism or power. Interior Motives‘ summer focus feature on color and materials highlights this new emphasis. Touch is perhaps the most human of our senses. When you sit in a car and touch the steering wheel, seat, or infotainment center, each interaction alters your perception of quality. The automakers using our services can now deliver precisely the perception that they intend.


SynTouch provides services and test instruments to the automotive industry and companies making consumer electronics, personal care products, garments and many other items that you touch on a daily basis.

SynTouch provides no-cost initial consultation to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

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