Released T5L_DGUS V45 Version of The Kernel, Multiple Function Upgrades!

Released T5L_DGUS V45 Version of The Kernel, Multiple Function Upgrades!

DWIN Technology (China) - Recently, in order to debug the DGUS project online and simplify the development process of some functions, DWIN has released the T5L platform GUI firmware with the version of T5L_UI_DGUS2_V45. Users can download the latest firmware and DGUS development software for trial through the DWIN official website and the DWIN developer forum.


Release ED4 USB downloader, and support for ED4 USB downloader of the underlying:

Releasing the ED4 USB downloader is to facilitate online debugging of T5L series products, especially COF structure products, which are suitable for a full range of products based on the T5L CPU. Through ED4, it can communicate with the DGUS LCM through the SD card interface and the baud rate is fixed at 8Mbps. Each data frame can read and write up to 128KB of data, which is faster.

Increase the dynamic switching of the touch screen keyboard:

The upgraded ASCII input and GBK input functions can be directly used on the DGUS platform to quickly switch between different input contents such as Chinese characters, upper and lower letters, numbers, symbols, etc., which is convenient for small-size screen keyboard input. It also supports the input of the 12.HZK input font library, which is convenient for users to input specific symbols according to actual application requirements.

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