Reliable Pressure Measurement is Key for the Mining Industry

Reliable Pressure Measurement is Key for the Mining Industry

Ametek (United States) - Proper measurement and monitoring of pressure systems are among the most crucial aspects of mining safety. You can find pressure in various applications, including pumps and pipes, which move liquid, air, or both throughout the beneficiation and auxiliary processes. Pressurized pipes and hoses can lead to accidents in the mining shafts due to over-pressure. This potential accident adds a level of danger to the personnel and the equipment, which can be costly and complex to replace or repair. Knowing the current pipe pressure is essential and having a reliable and easy-to-read pressure gauge can significantly reduce the danger from over-pressure.

In addition to being easy to read, pressure gauges must be durable enough to withstand the mining industry's rigorous requirements. Many pressure gauges contain delicate parts that may be easily damaged, sometimes without the user knowing. In this situation, the gauge will continue to display pressure that may not be correct, causing various dangerous consequences. 

AMETEK STC has the solution in its U.S. Gauge line of rugged, reliable pressure gauges. Their SOLFRUNT process gauges feature seamless bourdon tubes, solid front cases, and special low visibility dials.

The seamless bourdon tube removes the main stress point, which is the most likely place to fail because of corrosion or cracking.  The solid front case protects the user in the event of an accidental, over-pressure situation. In an extreme over-pressure event, the solid front will prevent the gauge from bursting out of the front window, facing the technician. Additionally, the Model 1981 SOLFRUNT Process Gauge features a luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) or bright yellow dial, which improves visibility and worker safety in low light situations.

The U.S. Gauge process gauge line consists of nine models, covering a combined pressure range from vacuum to 11,600 psi.  Accuracy ranges from ± (0.5%) to ± (1.0%) of Full Scale, and 4.5" or 6" sizes are available. Choose from Monel, Phosphor Bronze, and Brass, or 316L Stainless Steel for the wetted parts, and Aluminum, PET, or Thermoplastic for the case material. And for wet environments, IP66 rated models are also available. For caustic environments, the process gauge can be combined with an AMETEK U.S. Gauge diaphragm seal to provide long-lasting service on the most difficult applications.

All process gauges from U.S. Gauge are available for quick delivery on their webshop. The webshop includes easy-to-use part builders, tables, and comparison pages to help users make an informed decision in minutes.

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