Safe interlock and guard locking - new safety gate system PSENmlock from Pilz

Safe interlock and guard locking - new safety gate system PSENmlock from Pilz
Pilz GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) - The new safety gate system PSENmlock offers safe interlock and guard locking in one product. The latter is enabled by the dual-channel control of the guard locking. The switch is therefore particularly suitable for machines with dangerous overrun in which safe guard locking is also necessary up to PL d or PL e.

User-friendly diagnostics:
PSENmlock has LEDs on three sides of the housing for easily visible diagnostics when installed. The flexibly mounted actuator also ensures a high tolerance compensation – even with sagging gates.

Long service life and energy-saving:
The mechanical robustness and a robust housing ensure a long service life. The guard locking without voltage by means of a bistable magnet reduces the energy consumption.

Benefits at a glance:
  • Highest level of safety
  • Safe guard locking up to PL e
  • Safe interlock up to PL e
  • High holding force of 7500 N
  • Easily visible diagnostics: LEDs on 3 sides of the housing
  • Compact design: suitable for all 45 mm profiles, amongst others
  • Long service life: sturdy housing and mechanical robustness
  • No inadvertent activation of the guard locking by the integral reset lock
  • Flexibly mounted actuator: high tolerance compensation – even with sagging gates

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