Siemens launched the New Scalance Switches

Siemens launched the New Scalance Switches
Siemens (Germany) – Isochronous data exchange. The new Scalance XF204-2BA IRT switches support isochronous communications between Profinet describers on the same IRT-network. “Bumpless” redundancy increases availability in the network. Siemens has added the new Scalance XF204-2BA IRT switches to its Ethernet portfolio. The switches can be deployed in explosion hazard zones. They support high-speed isochronous network communications between IRT (isochronous real time) devices as well as bumpless redundancy based on the Profinet Media Redundancy with Planned Duplication (MRDP) mechanism. They operate at temperatures between -40° and +70° Celsius. Featuring a variety of mounting options and Profinet Conformance Class CCC certification, the switches are suitable for a broad spectrum of onshore and offshore applications.

High-speed production flows create the need for rugged, reliable communications infrastructure. In addition to high bandwidths, the systems have to enable cyclic, deterministic (i.e. predictable) data exchange between the programmable logic controller (PLC) and its remote I/Os. To meet this need, the special hardware architecture of the new Scalance XF204-2BA IRT switches gives all devices connected to the network isochronous data exchange capability. This means that the remote I/Os attached to the network can adapt to the IRT cycle of the PLC. The new switch also supports connectivity for standard Ethernet nodes. Only one network is needed for both IRT and non-IRT devices. The term IRT refers to devices which are isochronous data exchange enabled. Conversely, non-IRT devices do not have isochronous data transmission capability. Versatile bus adapters provide connectivity options for copper as well as glass and plastic fiber optics.

High availability and installation flexibility:
To prevent communication failure on the network and enhance availability, the Scalance XF204-2BA IRT switches support the Profinet Media Redundancy for Planned Duplication (MRPD) mechanism. Message frames can be sent in duplicate in a ring structure to provide “bumpless” redundancy. This ensures that the communication in the network is maintained even if one cable of the ring is broken. The switches can be mounted on a Simatic S7-300 rail, a 35 mm DIN rail and, with the new Scalance XF204-2BA IRT featuring the Simatic ET 200SP design, on a Simatic S7 rail in a control cabinet.

The interface layout has been designed for easy handling. Based on Profinet Conformance Class CCC certification, various shipbuilding approvals, suitability for explosion hazard zones and an operating temperature range of -40° to +70° Celsius, the Scalance XF204-2BA IRT switch is ideal for many onshore and offshore applications.

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