Vision Remote - The Next Generation of Remote Control is Here

Vision Remote - The Next Generation of Remote Control is Here

Vetec A/S (Denmark) - The Vision Remote VM-110 RU is built for superior remote control in maritime and industrial environments. Daily operations are easy to manage thanks to flexible software solutions that enables you to have one single touchpoint - The VM-110.

The versatile tablet-based controller is built for the most extreme conditions and it is intuitive for any user. The large 10,4" touch-display is viewable in daylight and gives ultimate control right at your fingertip.

  • 10,4" Display
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long battery life
  • Impact resistant

Bright multi-touch screen:

10,4" LCD display. Daylight viewable and usable with thin gloves. Strong glass that is break resistance on impacts.

Easily customizable I/O and software:

Create your own apps or use our standard apps. Configure physical buttons, switches, joysticks to suit your needs.

Integrated camera and sensors:

Accelerometers and gyroscop to detect tilting, free fall and shocks. Haptic feedback including both vibration motors and audio buzzer. Optional camera in front of VM-110 RU.

Long battery life:

Lithium Ion 7.5V 6400 mAh 48Wh with up to 6 hours battery life. Easily swappable, or charged in docking station, via cable or in charger.

Durability and safety - All in one unit:

Vision Remote has already proven its worth by bringing innovative technology to the toughest industries, being implemented already on offshore oil and gas rigs, wind turbine service vessels and harbour loading units.

The combination of endless possibilities and a simple user-interface makes the Vision Remote system the obvious choice when operating in demanding environments.


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