Why TTS Smilde BV integrates Zemic Load Cells for Onboard Weighing

Why TTS Smilde BV integrates Zemic Load Cells for Onboard Weighing

Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands) - More than 30,000 of our Zemic load cells are exposed daily to one of the most demanding environments, onboard a truck. There is an increase in road checks and fines for exceeding the maximum allowable axle load on our roads. As a result, a good weighing system has become an essential component on board of a truck.

Zemic Europe offers various solutions for onboard weighing. This also applies to Truck & Trailerservice Smilde BV, a successful truck workshop formula. TTS Smilde BV has all services under one roof for trucks, trailers, and truck-mounted cranes. They also provide total maintenance and repair of manure trailers, are specialists in manure sampling equipment and supply manure pumps. Another service they offer is making trucks suitable for onboard weighing.

Just like Zemic Europe, TTS Smilde BV also wants to create added value for its customers by providing professional technical support. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this by supplying our high-quality load cells and associated mounts. These components are used for calibration weighing and to prevent overloading. The Zemic components ensure optimal onboard weighing.

Zemic Europe and TTS Smilde BV:

  • Quick service and expertise in the field of trucks
  • High quality load cells for onboard weighing
  • Truck expertise combined with weighing expertise
  • Professional technical support
  • Efficiency with an onboard weighing system

How Zemic Europe advised TTS Smilde BV:

TTS Smilde BV provides a wide range of services. In addition to maintenance and repair, one can also go there for various inspections and services in the field of manure technology, for example. They also help customers who want to start using onboard weighing on their trucks. They make sure that the Zemic load cells and mounts are installed on the truck. Zemic advises on which load cell, in combination with which mount (for the correct load introduction), is most suitable for weighing the freight.

TTS Smilde BV can build calibrated weighing installations on trucks. An example of a type of truck for which they provide this service is a manure truck. With a built-in weighing installation, the entire tank is weighed and it is immediately apparent which quantities are being loaded and unloaded at which location.

For this case, Zemic recommended a HM9C load cell. This is very suitable for onboard weighing installations because of its capacity, high calibration accuracy and because it is hermetically sealed and therefore resistant to aggressive substances such as manure. The HM9C also offers the advantage of a round shape, making it easier to keep clean. For a good power induction, Zemic has supplied the HM-9-405 mount. This mount ensures that the load cell is securely mounted on the truck and it prevents horizontal movements of the load cell so that it performs accurately even when there is a lot of vibration and shock. Zemic Europe can supply these products from stock, from its warehouse in the Netherlands, so that TTS Smilde BV can also provide its customers with quick installation services.

More about onboard weighing:

The installation of an onboard weighing system on a vehicle has considerable advantages for efficiency and thus cost savings:

  • Deliveries and load of goods can be measured directly, without a diversion via a weighbridge, calibrated and thus reported and/or invoiced.
  • It also enables the user to load the maximum permissible weight, which ensures efficiency.
  • Prevention of overloading with its associated dangers, such as excessive wear of vehicle components and avoidance of fines for exceeding the maximum permissible axle weight.

The correct measurement of the weight of a superstructure or a self-supporting tank is not easy, given the circumstances. The chassis of a vehicle is very flexible and the requirements for point loads and vehicle safety are high. However, Zemic can advise on the most appropriate onboard load cells that will make the correct weighing simple for the user.

What is used for this onboard weighing?

The HM9C load cell, in combination with the mount HM-9-405, has been selected as the best fitting component for weighing in this truck. This set has the following characteristics:

  • Nickel plated alloy steel with a special seal for on-board applications.
  • C3 OIML approved (3000 parts)
  • High accuracy
  • Suitable for onboard weighing installations, silo and tank weighing, platforms etc.
  • Hermetically sealed; IP68
  • Available in a wide range of capacities from 5 to 34 tons.
  • Flexible load cell with high deflection (better shock load resistance).

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