Wieland Electric’s New ricos FLEX I/O Fieldbus System

Wieland Electric’s New ricos FLEX I/O Fieldbus System
Wieland Electric GmbH (Germany) - Economical, compact and modular. The new I/O fieldbus system is offering a continuous fieldbus concept for the interchange of data between controller and field periphery.

The modular I/O nodes are installed decentralized close to the machine, and networked via the fieldbus. A broad range of I/O modules process the various actuator/sensor signals.

Diverse diagnostic functions permit a significant reduction in machine standstill times.

  • Cost-efficiency through a highly modular design
  • 2 to 8-channel modules
  • Narrow module width of 12,9 mm
  • Up to 64 modules can be connected to each bus coupler
  • Spring tension connection terminals
  • Very fast reaction time
  • Individual channel inscription

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