World's First Near-Zero Dark Silicon

World's First Near-Zero Dark Silicon

Xilinx (United States) - Press Release: The Xilinx® VCK5000 Versal® development card is built on the Xilinx 7nm Versal ACAP architecture and is designed for 5G, DC compute, AI, Signal Processing, Radar, and other applications. The Domain-Specific Architecture brings strong horsepower per watt while keeping ease-of-use in mind with C/C++, software programmability.

Delivering the world’s first zero dark silicon (near 100% compute efficiency per watt) in standard AI benchmarks and 2x TCO compared to the flagship nVidia GPUs, the VCK5000 is an ideal development platform for CNN, RNN, and NLP acceleration for your cloud and edge applications.

VCK5000 is fully supported by the Vitis™ unified software platform, the Vitis AI™ development environment, and partner AI solutions such as Mipsology and Aupera. If you are an AI developer, bring your TensorFlow / Pytorch trained models to directly infer on Versal using Vitis AI or Mipsology Zebra. If you are looking to implement algorithm acceleration with AI engine and programmable logic, we provide AI engine C/C++ high-level abstraction APIs and Vitis Accelerated Libraries. The Vitis end-to-end flow is developed using C/C++ to run on X86 or embedded processors and manage runtime interactions with the accelerator with XRT. The hardware component, or kernel, can be developed using C/C++, or RTL target on PL or AI Engines.

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