Zaber's New High Thrust Actuators Ideal for Industrial Applications

Zaber's New High Thrust Actuators Ideal for Industrial Applications
Zaber Technologies, Inc. (Canada) - Zaber Technologies, a manufacturer of precision positioning devices, has released a new LAR Series of linear actuators that offer high thrust and force capabilities. These actuators can be used to push heavy loads, making them suitable for industrial applications.

The LAR Series of products are motorized, computer controlled linear actuators. These actuators are available in a wide variety of versions, including with built-in controllers and/or encoders, different travel lengths, and either lead screw or ball screw driven (BAR Series).

Versions without built-in controllers are designed for use with Zaber's A-Series stepper motor controllers, or they can be used with any 2-phase stepper motor controller. Other notable features include 200 or 300 mm travel options, 55 kg maximum force, and up to 65 mm/s speed.

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