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Magnetic Products, Inc. (United States)

Based in Metro-Detroit Michigan, MPI designs, manufactures and services magnets, material handling and electronic inspection systems. MPI products are designed to be complete metal and foreign contamination control, and material handling solutions. MPI’s equipment and service programs help its customers minimize downtime and protect brand integrity through offering safe and reliable equipment. MPI leads the industry by continuously engineering inventive products, advancing customer education through significant investments in research and development, and proactive product training. All MPI equipment is backed by its best in class service programs, customer service team, and support team. MPI interacts closely with its customers and expands its offerings to meet the changes of a dynamic and ever changing marketplace.

Founded in 1981, MPI was formed to advance development of permanent magnet technology used in industry. along with the company's initial mission to engender research and development, the founders also focused on customer education, which would allow users to better select and maintain purchased equipment. These cornerstone principles still guide the company and its management team.

As MPI has grown over three decades, the same focus on product development and improvement has remained, and has been expanded to include magnetic conveying, automation and material handling equipment systems, as well as metal detection.

Main Products

Magnetic Separators, Electric Shakers, Metal Detectors, Material Handling Equipment, Magnetic Filtration, Plate Magnets, X-ray Inspection Systems, Eddy Current Separators, Drawer Magnets, Grate and Tube Magnets, Magnetic Chutes e Drum Magnets.

Contact Details

  • 683 Town Center Drive, Highland, MI 48356, US
  • 1.248.887.5600 then press “1” for sales

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