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Simucube (Finland)

Finland-based Simucube, by the developer Granite Devices, is a game-changer in the world of simulation. The strong technology know-how gained throughout the years as the pioneers of industrial performance motor controllers propelled Granite Devices to create the most authentic gear for sim racers.

Unparalleled value of products have been achieved by carefully optimizing the hardware design without making a single compromise on reliability. Simucube hardware is designed to offer an optimum balance between power, precision and ruggedness.

Simucube brand is globally recognized for its industrial-grade Direct Drive torque motors used by professional racers and teams, simulator manufacturers, and a wide range of other representatives of esports and simulator businesses worldwide. Simucube continues to introduce high-quality hardware and software solutions for simulators, focusing on customer experience and high-end products.

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Embedded servo drives, drive integration to customer's end product, high-end standard servo drives, motion control, simracing, esports, simulator, simulator hardware, simulator software, direct drive, professional sim racing hardware, virtual motorsports hardware, direct drive wheelbases, force feedback, open sim racing ecosystem e high-quality racing game controllers

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