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Utilcell (Spain)

UTILCELL is a manufacturer of Load Cells, Mechanical Accessories and Weighing Electronics.

Since our beginnings, thirty-five years ago, we have been leaders in the domestic load cell market, which has enabled us to expand internationally and consolidate ourselves today as one of the five main manufacturers in the world.

Our customer commitment is to satisfy their needs by offering:

Broad range of products from 0.3 kg to 600 t per load cell and custom-made designs
Product quality, performance and robustness
International approvals (OIML, CE, MID, GOST, ATEX, ISO 9001…)
High IP protection (IP 68/IP 69K)
HT for working in a high temperature environments up to +200 oC
High production capacity, high stock availability and fast global logistics
Manufacturer guarantee
Personal and efficient personalized technical advice

Utilcell has personnel, installations and technical means available, which undergo permanent updating for manufacture under the most stringent quality assurance, covering from precision mechanical components to electronic assembly, verification and trials.

5000 m2 of installations with over 150 professionals
3 specialized manufacturing centers per product
R&D department for continuous investment to be at the technological forefront of the sector, and Quality assurance department for continuous process improvement
CNC machining manufacture specialized in mechanical accessory production
Verification and trial instrumentation and machinery: climatic chambers, mass presses, force generators and test benches for application optimization

As a family-owned business, it’s in our nature to work and collaborate closely with our clients. The company headquarters are located in Barcelona, with local offices in several countries and an extensive worldwide distribution network that allows UTILCELL to supply its products to 4,000 clients of the following sectors:

Chemical & pharmaceutical industry
Food industry
Agricultural & livestock sectors
Steel, cement & plastic industry
Packaging machinery
Waste treatment & renewable energy
Transport sector

Main Products

Load Cells, Weighing Indicators, Weighing Transmitters, Weighing Modules, Junction Boxes, ATEX Load Cells and Solutions, etc.

Contact Details

  • Utilcell, Espronceda 180, 08018 Barcelona, Spain
  • (+34) 93 498 44 65
  • (+34) 93 308 69 93

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