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Varpe Control de Peso, S.A. (Spain)

VARPE is a leader in manufacturing and marketing of high-technology global solutions for weight check and contaminants detection.

Our mission consists of creating global solutions with the latest technologies according to market demand, providing our clients with the added value of flexibility and customization, reaching the perfect balance between functionality and design.

Main Products

Checkweighers. Determine the mass of the product without operator intervention and run a pre-determined programme of automatic processes that meet the specific requirements of the metrology directive (MID).

X-ray inspection equipment. Can be installed at different stages of a production line, both at the beginning with the bulk product, as well as during processing or during final packaging, looking for contaminants such as metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and plastic. The Varpe machines are equipped with vertical beam technology, and/or double shot technology (vertical, lateral and triple shot) and can also incorporate unique developments and customised algorithms.

Combinate solutions. That integrate dynamic checkweighers with complementary inspection elements, such as X-ray inspection systems or metal detector equipment. Combining these solutions, the manufacturer can obtain very complete systems for the quality control unified in a unique machine, minimizing the space in the manufacturing plant and improving the inspection and contaminant detection process during the weight control.

Metal detectors. Checks for metal-contaminated product as it is transported through the production line, diverting it of the production line, diverting it away from the production line if this is the case.

Software solutions. VIT4 is a software designed to store, manage and analyse the data created by VARPE equipment duting the production process, aiming to Industry 4.0.

Contact Details

  • Pasaje Arrahona 14-16 Pol. Ind. Santiga 08210 Barbera del Valles – Barcelona
  • +34 937 479 570

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