Automation Inside Awards

Automation Inside Awards

We are proud to present the 2022 edition of the Automation Inside Readers’ Choice Awards, a global voting competition that covers the major innovations and best products in automation technology. Through an online nomination and voting process, the Automation Inside Awards recognizes and honors the best products, solutions and companies (see the Rules, Bagde and Prizes here).

The 2022 edition was canceled due to low participation!


  • Best Automation Company
  • Best Control System (PLC, I/O Devices, Controllers, Etc.)
  • Best Robot
  • Best Sensor (Position, Load, Pressure, Torque, Temperature, Level, Distance, Inductive, Etc.)
  • Best Measurement System
  • Best Embedded System (Processors, Boards, Chips, PCB, etc.)
  • Best HMI Devices (Indicators, Displays, Human-Machine Interfaces, Etc.)
  • Best Automation Software (Cloud, Mobile, Embedded, Apps, Etc.)
  • Best Motion System (Servo Drives, Motors, Gear Boxes, Etc.)
  • Best Identification Technology (RFID, Vision, Readers, Cameras, Etc.)
  • Best Encoder (Safety, Rotary, Incremental, Etc.)
  • Best Network Technology (Industrial Routers, Gateways, Switches, Wireless, Transmitters, Extenders, Etc.)
  • Best Packaging System
  • Best Data Logger/Analyzer/Storage
  • Best Electrical Product (Relays, Surge Arresters, Power Supplies, Insulation, Connectors, Cables, Disconnectors, Circuit Breakers, Etc.)
  • Best Signaling System (Bar Lights, LED Signal Lights, Pilot Lights, Etc.)
  • Best Cabinet Solution (Control Cabinets, Distribution Boxes, Cabling Accessories, Enclosures, Switching Devices, Wiring Components, Busbars, Etc. )
  • Best Website
  • Best Online Store
  • Best Computers (Industrial PCs, Panel PCs, Fanless Computers, Box PCs, Servers, Etc.)
  • Best Mobile Devices (Tablets, Handheld, Smartphones, Readers, Wearables, Etc.)


Below you can find the Winners of previous editions of the Automation Inside Awards:

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