Automation Inside Awards Rules


  • Only the companies registered and published on the Automation Inside Portal' Suppliers Directory are eligible to participate (the registration on the Directory is free). The Featured Suppliers can nominate more products... see next rules.
  • The companies with a Free Company Profile can nominate up to 3 Products/Solutions to 3 Different Categories (one nomination per category only).
  • The companies with a Featured Company Profile can nominate Products/Solutions to All Categories (one nomination per category only)!
  • Each product/solution can only participate in one category.
  • All companies participating in one or more product/solution categories, will automatically be nominated to the "Best Automation Companies" category.
  • The nominations can be submitted in the Automation Inside Portal by a representative of the automation company who owns the rights of the product, solution, etc. A User Account on Automation Inside portal is needed to participate.
  • Each participant can add the badge of the Automation Inside Awards (image and clickable link) to their official website (suggestion: you can publish posts on your social media pages and add a News Item with the Logo and Link to your web page News Section so that you can share your participation with your customers and contacts).
  • The voting process comprises one vote per person/category/valid e-mail address. Only validated votes will be counted.
  • The categories with zero nominations or zero votes will be removed from the contest (no winners will be announced)
  • The winners will be notified by email and will be announced on the Automation Inside Portal and Social Media Pages (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)

Automation Inside Awards Badge:

Copy and paste the code bellow in your webpage to promote your nomination to the Automation Inside Awards (do not change the code). You can also download the image, upload it to your website with the link to the Automation Inside Awards page (

<a href=""><img border="0" width="300" height="218" src="" /></a>

The badge should look like as follows:



The winners of the Category “Best Automation Companies” receive a Campaign with a 75% discount on Automation Inside Portal. The duration of the campaign depends on the results as follows:

  • 1st place - 12 Months (300x250 Ad)
  • 2nd place - 6 Months (300x250 Ad)
  • 3rd place - 3 Months (300x250 Ad)
  • Note - All campaigns must be started during the next month after the winners announcement (example: if the winners are announced on December, the campaigns must started on January next year...)

All winners (from all categories) will be announced on the Automation Inside Portal and in the Social Media pages. Each winner will receive a custom Automation Inside Awards Badge (JPG or PNG file) with their name and category name. The name of the winners and their logos will remain on the Automation Inside Awards page for extra recognition until the next edition of the Automation Inside Awards.

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