Automation Inside Awards 2018

Automation Inside Awards 2018

Nominated for Best Control Systems

PT Limited PT630 Advanced Indicator
PT Limited

PT Limited PT630 Advanced Indicator

The PT630 is an advanced, high-quality general purpose weighing indicator for industrial, agricultural and hygienic area operation. Housed in a durable IP67 stainless steel housing, it's ideal for platform, truck and hopper scales among other applications and is available with a wide range of options.

Approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with 10000 intervals in accordance with OIML R76. Weighing, and dynamic weighing for animals, fluctuating loads, check weighing, classifying, filling and counting are standard. As is printing which is selectable from 6 languages.

Powerful Bi-directional Serial Interface (BSI-BASE, BSI-PRO) communication as standard. A wide range of options is available for integration by Fieldbus connectivity, desk, wall or panel mounting and digital I/O.

Easy, practical operation via navigation keys with 6 large 22mm digits, 16 alphanumeric characters 8mm high and wide viewing angle, multi-colour backlit LCD display.

The PT630 is powered by AC power with integral mains cable. A version is available for powering from 12-28VDC.

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Minebea Intec Weight Controller Maxxis 5
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Weight Controller Maxxis 5

The freely programmable weight controller Maxxis 5 is designed for applications as diverse as Phase, Batching, Filling, IBC, Counting and Truck Weighing. Extensive connectivity options and compatibility with all analogue load cells and the digital Pendeo® load cells as well as platform scales and many more weighing solutions.

  • Connection of up to four scales
  • 5.7" large colour display with multilingual interface and integrated help function for intuitive operation
  • Multiple interface possibilities: Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Profinet, Ethernet/IP and USB
  • Equipped with an internal web server, the Maxxis 5 can be configured and controlled via any standard web browser
  • Automatic backup function saving data to SD cards for full transparency and traceability

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NexCOBOT RCS200 Robot Controller System

NexCOBOT RCS200 Robot Controller System

NexCOBOT Robot Control System (RCS) ensures simple and powerful robotic automation. RCS adopts NexCOBOT intelligent PC-based robotic controller and integrates with their robotic control software, NexGRC/NexARC, which makes for an efficient and flexible robotic control system. RCS is designed for small payload robots such as articulated (6-axis & 7-axis), SCARA and Delta robots. RCS supports several different brands of motors, which allows users more flexibility for their own robot solutions. RCS also provides EtherCAT and PoE ports for users to connect to EtherCAT slaves and machine vision devices, making the robot system easily extend axis control and integrate with machine visioin application.


  • Integrated with NexCOBOT robotic controller: NexGRC/NexARC
  • Integrated with NexCOBOT teach pendant: TP100
  • Provides PoE for machine vision application: 1 x PoE, IEEE 802.3af compliant
  • Provides EtherCAT extension port for connecting more EtherCAT slaves
  • Integrated with NexCOBOT safety controller and provide safety I/O
  • Provide extension digital I/O: 16in/16out

Pre-Installed Software Package

  • Operating system: Windows Embedded Standard 7
  • NexGRC/NexARC Runtime

NexGRC Runtime 

  • Supported robot type: Articulated (6-axis)/SCARA/Delta
  • Robot control command: PTP/linear/3D arc 
  • Robot blending motion: Aborting/buffered/blending 
  • Extension single axis: up to 8 axes 
  • Single axis control functions: PTP/jog/halt/stop 
  • Single axis blending motion: Aborting/buffered/blending 
  • Single axis override functions: Position/velocity/acceleration/deceleration
  • NexCOBOT EtherCAT master, CoE and DC supported 
  • Supports standard EtherCAT slave devices 

NexARC Runtime

  • Supported robot type: Articulated 6- & 7-Axis
  • Robot control command: PTP/linear/3D arc
  • Robot blending motion: Aborting/buffered/ blending
  • Ramp profile: T curve/S curve
  • Optimized path planning: Joint limit/self-collision avoidance
  • Co-Robot function: Hand-guide/collision detect stop
  • NexCOBOT EtherCAT Master, CoE and DC supported
  • Supports EtherCAT slave 

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Zemic Europe Multi-channel Weight Transmitters for individual setpoints per Load Pin
Zemic Europe

Zemic Europe Multi-channel Weight Transmitters for individual setpoints per Load Pin

The new multi-channel weight-transmitters have many standard options. However our transmitter has a unique feature, compared with other transmitters in the market: Individual setpoints per channel. For signaling systems this is highly appreciated within the process and lifting industries.

Individual setpoints per channel allow you to monitor each individual loadcell position in applications where multiple loadcells are installed. For example in the lifting industry it is crucial to detect an corner overload situation in an early stage and not only the general overload situation. In practice we see a corner within the scale application which is able to reach its overload point, however the general load situation is still below the warning signal value.

Zemic load pins in combination with the multi-channel weight-transmitters are highly suited and recommended to give you those insights in this specific industry.   

Multi-channel weight-transmitters are used in production areas, which can be found mainly in the process and lifting industry. These weight devices with indication display are connected with PLC's. The Top-Sensors weight-transmitters offered by Zemic Europe are suitable to connect 1, 4 or even 8 loadcells directly to the device. A weight transmitter provides excitation voltage which is needed for a loadcell or loadcells (the input). Weight-transmitters convert the weight signal (in general 2 or 3 mV/V at full scale) into a 4-20mA output, 0-10V output, 0-5V output or communicate by fieldbusses like Profinet, Profibus, CanOpen, Devicenet and Ethernet.

In the market of force sensors, loadpins are also known as force measuring bolts, force measuring studs, axis cells or force sensing bolts. Loadpins are designed for extremely heavy loads, because of the differences and variety between applications, these kind of loadcells forced us to adapt a different marketing approach. 

We often experience customer specific requirements for a loadpin, concerning load pin dimensions, IP grades, integrated transmitters, specific cable exits, redundant solutions etc. For this reason we have designed a special webpage with a load pin selector.

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Indicator series GI400 are one of the main products of Giropès.

GI410i is a high precision weigh indicator with compact design. Ideal for applications which require an autonomous indicator, with the possibility to include communication interfaces with connections to remote control weight repeater, PC, PLC, external or internal printer, among other possible accessories.

This series include a high resistance and uniformity in its finishes, which provide a greater durability and resistance to temperatures and the passing of time. It includes three grades of protection available to comply with the standards of quality and indicator of protection.

The introduction of the details of the product can include code, description, tare, EAN code and the characterization of the product is according to its operating platform (weight, target weight or unit weight for the piece-counting function).

The introduction of the details of the customers can be done by code, description or pretare. This series also includes the possibility to do lists of stored weights according to detail or filtered according to customer, product or date.


  • Weight accumulation: automatic/manual
  • Totalization on screen
  • Gross/Net
  • Manual tare and pretare
  • Back to zero
  • Piece counting function
  • Checkweigher with LCD signal
  • Function division 1/10 verification. Display for a few seconds

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Hardy HI 6200 Single Channel Weight Processor
Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy HI 6200 Single Channel Weight Processor

The Hardy HI 6200 series is the world's smallest high performance single-channel Weight Processors featuring industrial Ethernet-based communications, IIoT compatibility, remote diagnostics and a user-friendly touch screen interface. Ideal for OEMs and System Integrators building machinery where fast, stable weight data and low-cost of ownership are critical components to successful design.

Ultra-compact at just 2 inches wide and 3 inches high, the HI 6200 series saves cabinet space, allowing for high density panel design over traditional weighing instrumentation, reducing both machine cost and control cabinet footprint.

The HI 6200 series is designed to replace 4-20mA signal conditioners and analog straingage transmitters with fieldbus connectivity,providing machine builders the advantage ofthe communicating parameters and advanceddiagnostics. The HI 6200 series enables aproactive maintenance strategy while reapingthe benefits of IIoT device level connectivitythough a built-in Webserver or directly via theUDP layer.

The intuitive 1.8” TFT-LCD touch screen interface is thoughtfully designed so that anyone with basic scale knowledge can set-up and operate the instrument without having to read a manual or receive instruction. Despite its tiny size, the high contract color TFT display provides crisp easy to read measurements and instrument status.

Powerful 24-bit processing, state of the art hardware design, combined with Hardy’s WAVERSAVER® technology ensure fast stable weight readings in even the most adverse conditions that plague process control. As a co-processer to a control system such as a PLC, DCS or PAC, the HI 6200 delivers 100 updates per second of processed weight data at resolutions exceeding 1:10,000 without placing additional burden or delay into control loops that depend on fast accurate readings from analog sensors. 

All versions include the Hardy Productivity Toolbox – embedded Webserver for set-up, monitoring and control from any browser-anywhere, C2® weightless calibration, INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN® instrumentdiagnostics, and a suite of control integration tools such as Rockwell EDS_AOP, HMI Faceplates, and GSDML files.

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