Automation Inside Awards 2018

Automation Inside Awards 2018

Nominated for Best Identification Technologies

A&D Inspection ProteX Series X-Ray Inspection Systems
A&D Inspection

A&D Inspection ProteX Series X-Ray Inspection Systems

The ProteX Series of X-ray equipment was designed for manufacturers striving to ensure maximum efficiency on their processing lines all within a compact footprint. Now, the most advanced aspects of product inspection can be incorporated into almost any point in production processes. 

The new series uses the industry's most advanced imaging technology to provide high-detction sensitivity for a broad range of manufactring applications. Its enhanced imaging capabilities also consistently detect the smallest contaminants, while also conducting product integrity checks. 

The A&D ProteX Series features the following benefits:

  • The most compact design on the market makes integration painless
  • Large 15" color touchscreen and intuitive interface for easy operation
  • IP66 rating and easy-to-clean hygenic design 
  • Superior inspection algorithms include shape dectection, mass detection and enhanced contaminant detection

Find out how ProteX X-ray is making Inspection Simplified.


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