Automation Inside Awards 2020

Automation Inside Awards 2020

Nominated for Best Identification Technologies

A&D Inspection DeteX Series Metal Detection System
A&D Inspection

A&D Inspection DeteX Series Metal Detection System

The DeteX Series metal detection system is designed for manufacturers striving to ensure maximum efficiency on their processing lines within a compact footprint. Manage the risk of metal contamination at almost any point in production processes.

Product Effect caused by moisture and salt variations makes metal detection challenging and troublesome. Selectable frequencies allow DeteX to accurately track the Product Effect, resulting in repeatable, reliable detection. A&D’s well-known DSP technology provides high-detection sensitivity for a broad range of manufacturing applications. It enhances metal detection capabilities to consistently detect FE, NFE, and SST metals.

The A&D DeteX Series features the following benefits:

  • Thee most compact design on the market makes integration painless
  • IP66 rating and easy-to-clean hygienic design
  • Detect ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel pieces as small as 0.2 millimeters
  • Stainless steel and washdown rated for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Modular metal detector sensor head kit available to retrofit on existing conveyors.
  • 7" color touchscreen and intuitive interface for easy operation

Find out how DeteX Metal Detection is making Inspection Simplified.

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