Automation Inside Awards 2018

Automation Inside Awards 2018

Nominated for Best Robots

NexCOBOT MiniBOT-7R Educational Robot Tool Kit

NexCOBOT MiniBOT-7R Educational Robot Tool Kit

Based on EtherCAT communication standard, NexCOBOT MiniBOT-7R provides an expandable distributed control system. It is also a good material for EtherCAT-related training and the naked frame allows students to easily learn the structure of an industrial robot. MiniBOT-7R includes a utility tool to directly operate the robot. Robotic control API is also provided in Windows platform so that users can leverage its openness to develop any kind of robot applications.

Main Features:

  • EtherCAT Communication
  • Industrial Robot Design
  • Open Development Environment, highly compatible with 3rd party deep learning solution
  • Customizable for your own enclosure for Robot Arm by 3D Printing
  • Designed with an effective payload of 1 kg.
  • Provides Robotic Control API
  • The electric control box is provided with 15 DI points and 16 DO points.
  • Runs on NexARC runtime (Robot control runtime) and NexMotion Studio (Configuration Utility).
  • Uses Motor with Tuque control
  • Operation Range: 576.5mm (Maximum): J1: ±167°  J2: ±110°  J3: ±167°  J4: ±175°  J5: ±167°  J6: ±85°  J7: ±180°
  • Complete Robotics Curriculum and Training Material Provided
  • Safety : 1 x EMG Stop on teach pendant, 1 x EMG Stop on external I/O

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