ACE Automation’s New Powerful Pocket-Sized PLCs

ACE Automation’s New Powerful Pocket-Sized PLCs
ACE Automation (France) - ACE Mini atypical controllers from 49 € HT!

Overlapping with the "Embedded PLC" and "Compact PLC" ACE is a real PLC with surprising power! Its small size (6.35 x 6.35 x 1.27 cm) is inversely proportional to its processing capabilities.

Its light weight (<90 g), compactness and different methods of fixing by 2-sided adhesive strip, screws or din-rail, allowing it to be integrated easily almost anywhere.

ACE is for example very well suited for applications in the field of M2M, IoT and embedded, thanks to its I/O operating voltages from 3 to 30v, the operating temperature from -30 to +70 °C and low power consumption from 0.18 W! Moreover, with its serial port ASCII or Modbus, it easy to communicate with the RTU, GPRS modems, HMIs, specific equipment...

Its pluggable connecting terminal blocks and push-in wiring accelerates and greatly simplifies installation. Interfaces: Digital Input/Output PWM / Counter compatibles, analog, thermocouple, RS232 / 485 . This allows it to manage stepper motor, servo motors, inverters, LED lighting, temperature, …

Its integrated functions are comprehensive, easy to use, powerful and impressive: Calculator, copy, counter, data logger, sequencer, filter, loop, motion / stepper, PID, PWM ramp, scaling, shift / rotation, statistics, timer, clock, ...

One of his other atypical benefits: You can start one ... or hundreds of applications with our ACE PLC "standard" and, after deploying your first "machines" you can ask your own ACE: Light (lightweight standard version) Tailored (custom tailored) or Embedded (for your PCB).

All ACE versions are provided with unique software, friendly, free and comprehensive integrating advanced languages (Flow Charts and Ladder) and subroutines, tag based addresses, debug functions online, etc.

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