Adept Technology Launches New Family of SCARA Robots in North America

Adept Technology Launches New Family of SCARA Robots in North America
Adept Technology, Inc. (USA) - Adept Technology, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent industrial and mobile robots and services worldwide, today announced that it has launched the Adept eCobra family of SCARA robots in North America. This new generation of Cobra 4-axis robots provides users with Adept's advanced SCARA robotics in a controller-less architecture and industry-first, performance-based pricing.

"Our new eCobra robot family leverages the advantages of Adept's established Cobra products, such as reliability, high performance and powerful controls, and combines them with advancements such as a controller-less design, bringing to market the best performance at every price point," said Yan Banducci, senior product line manager of Industrial Robots at Adept.

Adept eCobra robots are available in three performance tiers - eCobra Lite, eCobra Standard, and eCobra Pro - each designed to address different application complexity and throughput requirements. eCobra robots provide maximum value by ensuring users only pay for the level of performance their application needs.

eCobra robot models are available in 600-mm and 800-mm-reach configurations. eCobra robots run on Adept's powerful eV+ operating system, and their fully embedded controls save valuable floor space and simplify installation. Applications include mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, and other processes that require fast, precise automation.

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