ATEX Certificate Extension for UTILCELL Model Pin with Double Bridge

ATEX Certificate Extension for UTILCELL Model Pin with Double Bridge

Utilcell (Spain) - Press Release: We have obtained an extension of the certification of ATEX certificates of our Load PINs, for the versions with double Wheatstone bridge or redundant outut in mV/V.

This Load PIN option, with double Wheatstone bridges or redundant outputs, are used for having ensuring higher safety on machines, based on the principle of double measurement of the force load. This redundancy makes possible to detect fails on the measurement chain. Thus, two independent measuring circuits will be installed on the same Load PIN body, with two Wheatstone bridges of strain gauges, which will be connected to two electronic circuits, measuring simultaneously the same applied load. As a consequence of that, it can be created alarm signals for advising of potential fails, when both measures will differ in a certain amount, normally a percentage, that is defined on each application.

This ATEX certificate covers configurations where the power supply lines are independent for each bridge or those configurations where the two bridges have the same shared power supply wires.

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