ICP DAS USA Introduces New Intelligent Serial-to-Ethernet Device Server

ICP DAS USA Introduces New Intelligent Serial-to-Ethernet Device Server
ICP DAS USA (USA) – ICP DAS USA, Inc. releases iDS-718iM-D, a new generation Device Server with a powerful 32-bit, 720 Mhz CPU, and various connectivity (Ethernet, micro SD and serial port) options and communication interfaces. As one of the most powerful systems in the market, this new device server features a high-performance 720 Mhz ARM-based processor with UDP support, 256 MB flash, 256 MB DDR3 memory, unique 64-bit hardware serial number, and real-time clock, etc. providing excellent performance at low power consumption.

iDS-718iM-D is designed to allow Ethernet and Internet connectivity to any RS-232 and RS-422/485 device, and to eliminate the cable length limitation of legacy serial communication. The iDS device server, coupled with a large built-in RAM buffer, allows fast transmission and prevents congestion of serial data on the network. The preloaded high-performance operating system is open, flexible, scalable and allows user to easily add or remove application/service from configuration mechanism. iDS-718iM-D is ideal for factory automation, industrial automation, process control applications in various industries.

ICP DAS USA is a cost-effective leader in the U.S. industrial market; offering a stunningly competitive price/performance ratio, while catering to the latest solutions for current industrial trends. We seek to provide our customers with cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions for their Data Acquisition and Embedded Control Applications. ICP DAS USA provides a great variety of products with modular and universal solutions for any scale application or projects.

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