New direct-driven articulated arm from Igus supports lean automation

New direct-driven articulated arm from Igus supports lean automation
Igus GmbH (Germany) - igus’ robolink D is available in three sizes, and can move in up to 6 axes for freedom of configuration.

Gripping, turning, pivoting, picking up and putting down again, then returning back to the starting position – articulated arms in industrial robotic systems perform the exact same movement time after time. For this purpose, igus has developed the new modular and cost-effective robolink D. In this new system, the robolink articulated arm is driven directly by positioning the motor directly on the axle. The new development is based on igus’ line of self-lubricating PRT slewing ring bearings, which are installed in a plastic housing.

The system is driven by a worm gear drive and a NEMA 17 or 23 stepper motor. These and other engines are controlled with commercially available standard control modules. The new robolink D system differs from previous igus robotics in its drive technology. Until now, the stepper motors were not placed in the robotic arm itself, but instead in a separate drive unit, driven by means of rope hoists coupled to it. This has the advantage of keeping the system very lightweight. and the direct drive makes the robolink articulated arm tougher and more durable, opening up more opportunities for lean automation. Here, robots carry components from cell to cell. This allows manufacturers to respond to adaptations more flexibly, and to achieve a significant cost savings.

robolink joint systems from igus:
The robolink D system is available in three sizes, and can also be combined using plastic or aluminum fasteners, taking articulated arms from one axis to as many as six. This, like other robolink products from igus, is a modular joint kit, perfect for individually implementable robotic systems. The joints and components of both robolink systems are able to be combined freely with one another. Whether used in individual components, or as a complete system, the modular design allows a high degree of flexibility to be maintained.

About Igus:
igus GmbH is a globally leading manufacturer in the field of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings. The Cologne-based family business has offices in 35 countries and employs around 2,400 people around the world. In 2013, igus generated a turnover of 427 million euros with motion plastics, plastic components for moving applications. igus operates the largest test laboratories and factories in its sector to offer customers quick turnaround times on innovative products and solutions tailored to their needs.

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