Omega Introduces Its New, Intuitive Virtual Chart Recorder and Web Server

Omega Introduces Its New, Intuitive Virtual Chart Recorder and Web Server

OMEGA Engineering, INC. (United States) - Press Release: The iServer 2 Series Virtual Chart Recorder and Web Server from Omega Engineering provides customers with an intuitive way to collect and display live temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure readings through either a web-based user interface or by integrating the device into an existing Omega Link Ecosystem. With expanded internal non-volatile storage, up to 10 years of data can be stored and viewed locally at any time - all without the need for external SD cards.   

"While additional configuration options are available, the iServer 2 is shipped so that it is 'ready-to-go' for the customer right out of the box," says Mike Curtis, Product Owner at Omega Engineering. "All that needs to be done is to plug in the power adapter and the pre-configured Omega Link Smart Probe and the unit will begin logging data and displaying live readings on the large, built-in color display. Connecting to the iServer 2 via your network connection or USB will allow you to manage stored data, view live data, and configure the iServer 2 to alert you as desired, all through the web UI." 

The intuitive, built-in web user interface allows the iServer 2 to offer a myriad of configurable features, ensuring the device operates at the preferred user preferences.

Configurable features include: 

  • Selective Data Extraction 
  • Measurement and Device Traceability 
  • Local Alarms 
  • Adaptive Transmission Rates 

The iServer 2 offers modular compatibility with most Omega Link Smart Probes. It is packaged in a rugged, compact, stainless-steel housing designed for industrial applications, and it features an optional large, front panel color display. Standard and Deluxe models provide two configurable I/O ports that can be used for applications like driving relays, physical alarms, or sensing contacts like door switches.  

In addition, Standard and Deluxe models can serve as an edge controller with autonomous independent decision-making capabilities to generate local alarms or provide control outputs based on sensor inputs.  


About Omega:

Founded in 1962 to manufacture a single line of thermocouples, Omega Engineering has grown into a leading international, integrated, single-source supplier of highly engineered products and customized solutions for the industrial processing, aerospace, chemical and petrochemical, medical and pharmaceutical, and food and beverage markets. With over 700 employees, operations at Omega include research and development, engineering and manufacturing, calibration, sales, marketing, distribution, expert technical support, and customer service. Omega designs and manufactures more than 100,000 state-of-the-art, innovative products for the measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH, and conductivity.   

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