Hayssen’s New DoyZip 380 produces complete range of Bag formats

Hayssen’s New DoyZip 380 produces complete range of Bag formats
Hayssen Flexible System (USA) – VFFS bagger offers versatile options for packaging pet food, snacks, and confectionary and bakery items.

Hayssen Flexible Systems, a global manufacturer of flexible packaging systems and a division of Barry-Wehmiller, was recently introduce the DoyZip 380, an innovative vertical form-fill-seal bagger. With a multitude of features and options, this machine provides customers with simple solutions to complex problems.

Responding to the need for versatility in the marketplace, the unique DoyZip 380 can produce the complete range of bag formats (pillow, gusseted, block-bottom, quad four-corner seal, three-side seal and Doy), including the largest Doy bags available, with a height of 380mm.

In addition, the DoyZip 380 enhances efficiency with high-speed intermittent-motion technology and precision film control that can handle polyethylene and laminate multilayer films. The icon-based interface with a color touchscreen and remote-control capability make operating this bagger intuitive and easy, and the DoyZip 380’s quick changeovers improve productivity.

“We are proud to introduce an all-new VFFS bagger that essentially produces every type of bag style, with or without zip reclose, in a single machine,” said Dan Minor, Hayssen’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It’s one of the most versatile, efficient machines available, answering customers’ needs in various markets, including pet food, snacks, confectionary and bakery.”

Hayssen is one of a number of Barry-Wehmiller businesses represented in BW Packaging Solutions. Through their diverse capabilities, these companies can collectively provide everything from a single piece of equipment to fully integrated, tailor-made packaging line solutions for a wide range of industries, including: food and beverage, personal care, container manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical devices, household products, paper products and textiles, industrial and automotive, and converting, printing and publishing.

About Hayssen Flexible Systems:
Hayssen Flexible Systems is a global manufacturer of flexible packaging systems that fill and bag thousands of food products, including candy, coffee, frozen food, cheese, produce, snacks, bakery and pet food, as well as a wide range of non-food products. Our packaging systems are designed and manufactured to maximize the efficiency and lifetime value of our customers’ packaging lines.

About Barry-Wehmiller:
Barry-Wehmiller is a diversified global supplier of engineering consulting and manufacturing technology for the packaging, corrugating, sheeting and paper-converting industries. By blending people-centric leadership with disciplined operational strategies and purpose-driven growth, BarryWehmiller has become a $2.8 billion organization with more than 11,000 team members united by a common belief: to use the power of business to build a better world. CEO Bob Chapman shares the story of the company’s transformation in his new book, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family.


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