New DSK720 Capacitive Ceramic Pressure Sensor from Impress Sensors & Systems

New DSK720 Capacitive Ceramic Pressure Sensor from Impress Sensors & Systems
Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd. (UK) - Ready-to-mount DSK720 capacitive ceramic pressure sensor modules for OEMs.

A new range of ready-to-mount, capacitive pressure sensors and sensor modules for OEMs is now available from instrumentation specialist Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd. The customer can integrate these sensors and modules directly into their machine designs and instrumentation.

The DSK 720M is a ready-to-assemble capacitive ceramic pressure sensor module that offers extremely high overpressure resistance across a range of nominal pressures from 100mbar up to 50bar. The sensor modules also offer high accuracy but low thermal errors in fluctuating temperatures. Ambient operating temperatures are from -40°C to +105°C, with a version also available that is rated up to +125°C.

Designed specifically as a cost effective module for OEMs and machine builders, the DSK 720M can also be configured and programmed by the customer via an integrated interface. Output signal is a ratiometric voltage output as standard, making the sensor module fully signal conditioned and compensated. There’s an optional I2C interface for localised bus configuration, giving the user serial communications with the sensor.

An optional configuration kit is also available, which enables the OEM to reconfigure the DSK 720M for different end user applications. The module is simply connected to a PC via the interface and menu-driven programming software is used to calibrate pressures, configure starting points and end points of the pressure range, damping and offset adjustment.

Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: “The pressure sensor module will have a wide appeal amongst OEMs and specialist machine builders, from process tank filling applications and pneumatics, through to medical devices and integration in pressure transmitters. Some customers may already have their own electronics but require a ready-to-mount capacitive pressure sensor module to complete their system solution.”

The sensor modules operate at a very low supply voltage of 2.7…5.5VDC. The modules can therefore be powered from a standard 3.6V lithium battery.

The DSK 720M has a 96%-ceramic membrane as standard. A version with a 99.9% ceramic membrane is also available, providing the sensor module with improved protection against chemicals and other aggressive media.

A lower cost version of the DSK 720M is also available from Impress Sensors & Systems. The DSK 720L is a ready to mount capacitive ceramic pressure sensor that requires some form of protective housing or Faraday cage before it can be assembled into OEM machine designs and instrumentation.

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